Who Am I?

I love a game ‘WHO AM I’ which we played a lot when I was in early school and if you remember, someone will act or say some features of a character while others will guess who that character is.

Believe me that is what this life is all about. It is whatever you present to the world that the world will know you to be. How are you representing yourself to the world? Who exactly are you? What do you stand for?

You know, if you knock at the door of a strange house, the first set of sentences you will hear is Hello, WHO ARE YOU?, and how can I help?…. they really want to know you and your mission, but it will be a shame, if you don’t know who you are? You might be projecting a wrong identity and you remember what they say about impressions and first impression?

Do you know that understanding who you are gives you an edge in everything you do; it gives you focus and purpose. I will also say it will act as a driving force in your life endeavour.

Sometimes we give ourselves a definition based on circumstances that surrounds us, for example we say things like, ‘I am not that brilliant’, ‘I can’t pass that exam’, ‘That business is not for somebody like me’, ‘I can’t raise or keep a family’, ‘I am a failure’, ‘I am not handsome’, ‘I am too short’, ‘I am too tall’, ‘I am not as beautiful as A or B’.

Or sometimes we allow other people to define who we are, I mean we assess ourselves based on other people’s opinion about us, be it negative or positive. We put ourselves at the mercies of others, but we forget one thing that the POTTER has a better understanding of the clay.

Remember a song (written by Becky Fender) which asks a question? “Whose report shall you believe?” In the next line is echoed, “We shall believe the report of the Lord!” The chorus affirms, “His report says I am healed! His report says I am filled! His report says I am free! His report says victory! What do you think His report about you could be, believe me, whatever He said about you is who you are.

You are created in the image and likeness of God and He called you the light of the world; my friends please shine. You are a city set on high that cannot be hidden, a mega star; you can change your world. You are the salt of the earth, you are created in Christ Jesus unto good works; you are a success, a victor and an overcomer.

Do you know that, you can only function effectively and fulfill purpose by knowing who you are, I mean by believing in yourself, knowing well that if you fall now, you can rise again. C.G Jung says ’I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be’.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a program on the television where a gentle man of over 600 pounds in weight was determined to eat himself to death. When he was asked why he was doing that to himself he said ‘I am finished, nobody likes me, my mum and dad hates me’. He went on to describe his growing up where his mum was a drug addict and dad was alcoholic and that his mum always tell him that he is a product of broken condom; in other words he was not planned for.

Then he decided to find solace in eating food; he ate himself to extra-large human size.
But one day he decided that his lifestyle needs to change; with intervention from his aunt and uncle, he decided to give his life a meaning. He discovered who he is, cut down his eating habit, followed nutritionist and doctor’s advice, and the rest is history.

What are you faced with today, you can turn your life around, go back to that school, start your business, start reading those life changing books, work on improving yourself. You can do it; I can see greatness in you and by doing it the right things I see you succeeding.
Jesus was able to break the barriers along his way to destiny because he understood His mission and assignment on earth which was WHO HE IS. And at last in the 11th verse of the book of Matthew chapter 4, the bible says ‘Then the devil went away, and angels came and took care of Jesus’. He was able to say to the situations refusing to succumb you’re the threats and negativity because He knows who He is. And Jesus was able to say to the situation that, ‘IT IS WRITTEN’ and the problem fled.

You can search through the manual which is the Bible and speak to those bad thoughts, negative behaviours, addiction, hatred, sadness, failure, anger, low self-esteem that you are free from them. You are who God says you are so start ACTING RIGHT as from today.

Finally, the bible is not meant to be used whenever you are faced with challenges alone, but everyday of your life, so that it becomes handy and flows through you anytime you need it. In my experience, people dump the instructional material somewhere after taken out the product, and then look for it whenever anything goes wrong with the product; pull out the manual to fix the problem, and then keep it again. But the Bible cannot be used that way, it must be part of our lives; because WHO WE ARE resides in it.

The Book of Joshua chapter 1 verse 8 says ‘Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.’

Remember, anything you want to do in life, there is always the right way or method of doing it. The first support that you need is what I called self-support and you should be asking yourself the right questions.

Are you reading the right books?

Are you listening to right people?

Have you surrounded yourself with the right people?

After reading this take action, do one thing immediately that moves you one step closer to your goal. Write a plan and take the first step. The loss of identity is worse than natural death, discover yourself today and be free.

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